Beyond Calories


Raw Juicery’s nutrition philosophy is guided by food quality and nutrient-density, rather than tracking calories. Calories are not created equal.  Every bite we eat either supports health or creates disease. A calorie can either be healing and sustaining (such as a calorie from an apple, kale or coconut oil), or inflammatory and disease-forming (such as refined sugar or processed food).

Raw Juicery’s focus is on providing fresh, plant-based, nutrient-dense options with maximum live enzyme and micronutrient content. Our juices, smoothies, and other menu options have been designed to support optimal health through fruits, vegetables and superfoods that are chock-full of micronutrient, antioxidants, natural vitamins, healthy fats, and gut friendly prebiotics and probiotics.

Supporting the body with real food and whole food allows us to become more attuned  to natural signals of hunger or nutritional deficiency. This, in turn, creates a more mindful, conscious approach to eating and is the most effective way to achieve strength, vitality and a healthy weight, rather than deprivation and keeping track of the amounts of energy and calories in food.

Raw Juicery would like to invite you to discover a delicious, sustainable, plant-based lifestyle today. For more on our “Beyond Calories” philosophy, please visit:

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