Introducing: Kate from NoDo Donuts!

Donuts 1In that last year or so, they have become that one sought after treat that everyone is after. 
However, the original donut could not be enjoyed by the health conscious and the celiac…

Until Kate from NoDo Donuts came along.

Kate was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 7 years ago now, and it took the fun out of eating her favourite treats. As a donut lover herself, she decided to not only make her donuts gluten free, but put a healthy twist on the traditional donut by using the best possible ingredients to appeal to those suffering from allergies and the health conscious.

Therefore making it the world’s “friendliest donut”.

If you haven’t already tried these amazing creations, here’s why they’re so awesome:
 They’re 100% gluten free. 
They’re baked. Never fried.
 They’re made with love.

NoDo’s simple and very appealing philosophy “EAT DONUTS FOR BREAKFAST” is one that I’m sure our Raw Juicery customers love – because the minute these babies arrive in store… pretty soon they’re gone!

Nodo Donuts 2Kate delivers twice a week to our Raw Juicery stores (Thursdays & Saturdays), and her favourite beverage to pick up on-the-go is our delicious Raw Energy smoothie however she can’t even pick a favourite flavour of her own donuts! That’s a good sign that a whole amount of love has gone into her product if she loves every single flavour. Go Kate!

So if you haven’t already, make sure you pop down to your nearest Raw Juicery store on a Thursday or Saturday to grab your stash of NoDo Donuts!

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