Looking Beyond the Calorie Count

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Don’t just focus on calorie counting and look instead for the nutritional value of food. Far too much time is spent agonizing over the caloric value of food products, while actually neglecting the most important influence on your body – does this food contain the nutrients my body needs?

We avoid ‘high calorie’ healthy fats having been convinced all fat is the same and the cause of weight gain, yet research shows us contrary. The increased consumption of refined carbohydrates, coinciding with the low fat campaign which includes calorie counting has only lead to increased weight gain and obesity, due to changes in insulin metabolism, which favours fat storage, increased hunger
and overeating.

Remember also, when you choose a ‘low fat’ or ‘no-fat’ product that product will have had other ingredients added to make up the total weight of the original before the fat was removed.
So you may be consuming a food product with less calories (eg lite yoghurt) yet less fat = added sugar.

Our body is an amazing intricate system that has an intelligence which will function optimally with the correct nutrients including healthy fats. Our body fat percentage is not just determined by restricting calories, but by a host of factors such as stress levels,  muscle mass, hormone health, cellular health and acidity levels and poor gut function.

We require an abundance of healthy essential fats to nourish the body intelligence and this includes the essential fats of avocado, coconut milk, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Healthy fats are required to make healthy hormones, happy brain chemicals, give us a healthy libido and allow every cell to function optimally. The best thing about the essential healthy fats is that they are thermogenic – they help us to burn fat!

So ditch the calorie counting and start looking at nutrient dense foods as served at Raw Juicery.

Looking Beyond the Calorie Count
Article Name
Looking Beyond the Calorie Count
Don’t just focus on calorie counting and look instead for the nutritional value of food.

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