Cold Press Juice


Cold-Pressed juice is without a doubt the most nutrient dense, pristine, and flavorful juice known to man.

RAW freshly make Cold-Pressed juices to give our customers the most wholesome juice available in the world.

The method involves a low RPM grinder that grinds the fruits and vegetables into a pulp in order to break up the fibres so the juice can be easily released. The pulp, still full of juice, falls inside of a finely woven filtering bag, and is put between a powerful press and squeezed out. Cold-pressed juice is the only juice that can be bottled and stored for 72 hours without preservatives and still taste fresh. The quality of the nutrients, amino acids, phytonutrients, minerals, trace minerals, and enzymes remain remarkably intact and are not destroyed as with other juicers. Cold-pressing is the least wasteful way of extracting juice because it squeezes every last drop of juice out of the pulp using a powerful hydraulic press.

What’s important is the juice never undergoes any extreme conditions where it could be damaged. The juice doesn’t get heated up, it doesn’t get put through a high-speed blade, and there isn’t air being blasted through it. The typical home juicer is a centrifugal ejection type, which does exactly those things. With that type of juicer you must drink the juice right away or it begins turning into a not-very-tasty foam. The juice oxidizes very quickly because of the extreme friction and excessive oxygen being introduced to it. In addition, conventional juicers are usually quite wasteful and destroy a significant amount of the sensitive nutrients during extraction.

Heat can rob juices of flavours and nutrients – at RAW we use cold pressure to help maintain their natural taste for your enjoyment.