Simply Raw


The regenerative power of a predominantly plant based live food lifestyle is spreading across the globe.

The highest quality foods are raw: the untreated, natural, living foods. Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements, oxygen, enzymes, and hormones are all present and in their finest form. It is in this form that these vital nutrients must be in order to sustain the human body in a perfectly balanced and disease-free state.

These nutrients and enzymes, however, are highly sensitive to heat and can be either altered or completely destroyed when cooked or pasteurized above 47 degrees. Nutrients that have been altered or damaged are not easily absorbable by the body. Most people do enjoy at least some vegetables, but usually have a habit of cooking them beforehand. Unfortunately, they are eating mostly the fibrous remains of the vegetables and are depriving their body of much of the absolutely essential nutrients, as well as the important antimicrobial and bioelectric properties were they uncooked.

Fortunately the body is quite resilient, and given what it requires to run properly will, in most cases, cleanse and regenerate itself over time. The only way to effectively do this is by eating more natural, raw, living foods and less of everything else.