Top Food Searches using Google in 2014


2013 was all about kale and quinoa, but in 2014 we searched for new favorites: chia seeds and goji berries. We searched for ‘recipes’ less and ‘restaurant’ significantly more.

New health foods may have increased in searches this year, but old favorites remain huge. Pizza was searched more than the World Cup. Foodies in Japan searched French food more than France, hungry folk in Australia searched Argentine food more than Argentina, and spice-loving Brits searched Indian food more than India.

In the superfood category there was a clear winner.

The Goji Berry. Goji is a fruit native to Asia, often known as wolfberry. High in antioxidants, goji berries were the highest-spiking superfood of 2014.

Closely followed by Chia seeds. Chia seeds come from Salvia hispanica, a flowering plant in the mint family native to Mexico and Guatemala, and are particularly high in fiber. If you haven’t sampled chia delights pop in and enjoy one of Raw Juicery’s signature chia cups to boost your fiber intake wrapped in silky smooth pudding deliciousness topped with fresh fruit.

What does this data all mean? If we follow the data trends we see we are still time poor, hungry and requiring a quick grab and go. We see that the fast food industry is still at the top of that quick grab and go food choice and it’s taking it’s toll on the health of our nation. The rise of healthy alternatives within this market is becoming more important than ever giving the public greater control of their food choices within time poor lives. It’s time to break old stereotypes that healthy = boring and tasteless. The vitamins and nutrients we require from our diet not only promotes the body boosting energy levels, controlling weight, production of good cholesterol vs bad, oxygenating the blood and helping to fight disease and heal injury, it is vitally important for our mental health, concentration and increased focus supporting our work performance and aiding our ability to combat stress to make informed decisions.

Within the psychological and counselling professions the success of mindfulness and wellbeing practices has become a trusted therapy. Within its foundations are 12 pillars, the first is “befriend yourself”. This is about recognising your own worth to care for yourself as much as you would care for another. It is within this pillar questions surrounding nurturing yourself with diet and exercise is discussed and referral to a nutritionalist or dietician is a wholly accepted referral path.

You are worth it, so much so Raw Juicery has made a commitment to bring a tasty, healthy and accessible grab and go alternative to the Brisbane landscape and we appreciate not only your patronage but any suggestions you would like to see.

In advance of your next visit, “How can we help you?”

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